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Arsenal are ready to take a huge risk and offload star for £15m before replacing him with Tammy Abraham

Signing a fringe player from a rival is always a big risk, and the fans really don’t like it when it doesn’t work out.

There’s nothing to remind you of your diminished status like signing unwanted players from a big rival, but it can also be brilliant if a player suddenly finds some form with your team and makes their former side regret the decision.

That’s what Arsenal would need to happen if they do sign Tammy Abraham, and a report from The Sun has indicated that they are ready to go all-in to make that happen.

This plan does revolve around Alexandre Lacazette as his contract is up in 12 months, so it’s suggested that the Gunners want to offload him for around £15m before signing Abraham as his replacement.

The report also goes on to say that Mikel Arteta is still happy to stick with Lacazette and leave the Abraham signing for now if no suitable bids come in, so it will all depend on what kind of interest is out there.

Lacazette scored 17 goals last season so it would be a major risk to sign Abraham to replace him, but the French striker is also 30 years old and will want another big contract so perhaps it does make sense to let him go.

You have to think there will be plenty of sceptical Arsenal fans if this does happen, but it would be an interesting risk for Arteta to take.

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