Behind the scenes of Carlo Ancelotti’s return to Real Madrid

Marca broke the surprising news of Carlo Ancelotti returning to Real Madrid after six years away. Even after the new boss has had his first press conference, it is still an unexpected transfer. He always wanted to have this chance again and maintained that stance in his farewell statement to Everton as well. 

His son, Davide Ancelotti will be part of the assisting staff, as he has been at numerous other projects. The entire staff from his previous spell at the Spanish capital is expected to be returning, according to some rumours. 

As reported by renowned Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano, Ancelotti has signed a contract worth three years, worth €6 million net per season. He needs to decide on many things related to the squad, and it will be a busy summer for Madrid. 

They were talking with Mauricio Pochettino regarding the job, as confirmed by Romano. Antonio Conte was never in touch with Madrid despite being available. 

Sergio Ramos needs to be talked to, regarding his future. He wants the right proposal or he is leaving Madrid. Ancelotti has a strong relationship with him and talks will begin soon. 

Everton have a long list with many options, and the interest in Liverpool legend and Rangers coach Steven Gerard is true. While the move is unlikely given the historic rivalry between the two clubs, it will be crazy to see if it actually happens. They need to plan for something new and need to decide about the future. The Everton players didn’t know about the Ancelotti situation, either and were very surprised when the news broke of him leaving the club. 

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