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Dybala, McKennie and Arthur fined and suspended for attending gathering

Juventus‘ Weston McKennie, Paulo Dybala and Arthur Melo have been fined, excluded and suspended from the Juventus squad ahead of their derby against city rivals Torino due to their attendance at a party held by McKennie at his house. About 10-20 people attended the gathering alongside the two players and their families. 

“The three players concerned have not been selected, they will return to work at a later time, we’ll see about when,” Pirlo told reporters ahead of Saturday’s Serie A clash.

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“This sort of stuff has been going on for years, but when you’re not allowed it shouldn’t happen, both because of what’s going on in the world and what’s happening with the team.”

McKennie’s neighbours called the police on the event, and they arrived right before midnight to clamp down on the gathering and proceeded to fine the people involved. 

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The trio missed out on international callups due to them dealing with their own injuries, and this recent event could only spell more trouble for them. Juventus themselves could look into the matter and hit the players with a fine for breaking the coronavirus protocols amidst the pandemic too, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. 

Parties and big gatherings are prohibited under the rules imposed in Italy right now. Moreover, there is a curfew in place between 10 PM and 5AM, and the event held by McKennie did fall under wrongful timing. As for now, they have only been suspended for their upcoming match against Torino and could miss more too. 

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