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FC Barcelona set to get new Economic Boost

Spanish football club giants FC Barcelona have received very good news ahead of the beginning of the new summer transfer window. They have reportedly set a deal of around 200 million euros by selling some of the assets of the club.

Most football fans are aware of how Barcelona are running into a financial crisis before the beginning of the ongoing season. Even the Argentine superstar Lionel Messi couldn’t sign a new deal with his long-term club due to financial and structural obstacles.

Now, the Spanish club giants are focusing to rebuild the team in the forthcoming summer transfer window. While they need to add some top talents, the club is also ensuring their crucial financial support in the key upcoming situation.

Barcelona will sell 49% of the Barca Licensing Merchandising (BLM)

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According to the recent report of 2Playbook, Barcelona are going to sell 49% of the Barca Licensing Merchandising (BLM) for almost 200 million euros. Though the latest settlement amount is significantly lower than their initial expectation, this deal is still important and effective for the five-time UEFA Champions League winners.

This crucial deal can be finalized before 30th June 2022. However, the Barcelona members’ approval is the must requirement to implement this deal.

Earlier, talking about this deal, the club President Joan Laporta also confirmed their intention to add the buyback option in this deal.

According to the Spanish national daily sports newspaper Marca report, Barcelona are also trying to add more amount by finalizing a deal with the CVC investment fund.

Why are these deals so important?

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While Barcelona saw a very tough face in the last summer transfer window, they are now seeing the light due to recent strong performances. However, they now need to add some more big players to the squad, and they need a good amount of money to finalize these deals.

According to some media reports, the Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez wants to return to Barcelona in the upcoming summer while Polish striker and Bayern Munich superstar Robert Lewandowski is also keen to join this Spanish giant.

So, the upcoming selling deals are very crucial for Barcelona to set up a new beginning in their football. As these amounts will strengthen their financial book, it will also help the club to improve the salary structure of the team.  

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