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Qatar accused of more inhumane acts to construction workers

Qatar has come under huge amounts of scrutiny for their human rights violations, and a fresh set of accusations have now surfaced. They are now being charged with covering up the deaths of stadium construction workers and going as far as hiding the bodies of the deceased.

A British medical professional working with the Hamad Medical Corporation has told The Daily Mail that the injuries that workers were brought in for were consistent with falls from great heights and electrocution but the police suggested otherwise by changing the location of where they said the body was found.


Here is what the source had to say about the issue:

‘It happened on a regular basis. The police would always say, “It’s an assault, or heart failure, or a collapse” when it wasn’t. Everybody gets put down as “cardio pulmonary failure”. We would have no say on the cause of death.’

Moreover, a number of patients had been dead for days when the doctors were called upon to examine their bodies.

‘We wouldn’t be able to put down that we thought anything suspicious had taken place. We wouldn’t even be able to put down what we call the mechanism of injury,’ he continued.

The International Labour Organisation has suggested that the death and injury rates for workers may be much higher than what Qatar is reporting. The government has also rejected these findings about construction workers.

Players have been protesting continuously against the World Cup being held in Qatar and it remains to be seen whether any action will be taken against the hosts of the tournament in 2022.

Abdul Azeez

Sports & Football News Writer | Sky Sports Nigeria

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