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Speculation: Edinson Cavani is a 34 year-old striker with a history of injury problems so Man United probably can’t rely on him to be the regular starter going forward.

Edinson Cavani performance last Thursday demonstrated that he can still make a huge difference on the biggest stage so it does make sense to keep him around, and it now looks like he will extend his stay in Manchester.

His age would suggest that he’s now a year-to-year prospect so any extension would only be through to the summer of 2022, but reports from Argentina are now stating that he’s set to sign a two-year extension with the club .

This is a twist that many won’t have seen coming, and it would be interesting to know what’s going on behind the scenes if these details are correct.

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It suggests that Cavani may be accepting a slightly lower wage and a rotational role in the team in exchange for some more security with the two-year contract, but it still shouldn’t stop United looking for another forward this summer.

Anthony Martial is showing that he isn’t going to develop into a deadly number 9 and Rashford and Greenwood seem to be preferred in a wider role, while Cavani won’t be able to play in every game but he’s a great back-up option to have around.

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