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The transfer arrangement between Miralem Pjanic and Arthur Melo was supposedly “illegal,” according to investigative journalist Romain Molina

The exaggerated transfer prices are being invested, according to Molina, with “capital gains” cited as the basis for the higher charges. On the surface, the €12 million difference between the two deals was the only money exchanged between the two parties for the transfer.

This isn’t the first time the exchange agreement has been scrutinized, with the Italian Football Federation’s Prosecutor’s Office looking into it previously.


About the Deal

In June 2020, Arthur transferred to Juventus for €72 million-plus a further €10 million in variables, while Pjanic moved to Barcelona for €60 million-plus a maximum of €5 million in additional expenditures.

The transaction was one of several that an Italian government authority in charge of stock exchange regulation looked at as part of an inquiry into capital gains on the transfer market.

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Meanwhile, the latter was on its way to Barcelona for €60 million plus up to €5 million in extra charges. These exaggerated transfer values are being looked into, with “capital gains” being cited as one of the causes for the higher expenses.

The profit earned on the sale of an asset is referred to as “capital gains,” and it relates to the difference between the asset’s higher selling price and lower cost price. On the surface, the only money that changed hands was the difference of €12 million between the two deals.

On the Other Hand

However, this is not the case because a player’s transfer fee is spread out throughout their new contract for accounting considerations. Meanwhile, immediate income refers to the fee received when a player is sold.

According to Forbes, if a team spends $80 million on a player and then signs him to a four-year contract, the outgoing money becomes an $80 million asset on the books. That worth then drops by $20 million per season, resulting in a $30 million profit if they sell that player for $50 million after three years.

Sensational claims made by Molina on Twitter Space include:

  • In Asia, certain international games are rigged. As a result, several players have abandoned their national teams.
  • Burn-out after burn-out has been a problem for Paris Saint-Germain. In the last year alone, almost 100 personnel have left the club. Leonardo is despised for his actions and demeanor.
  • All of Arsenal’s players breathe nitrous oxide. A player returned to Paris to celebrate his birthday with the theme “nitrous oxide balloons.”
  • The tremendous media outcry over the World Cup in Qatar is political, and it is being funded by people and organizations who want to destroy the country.
  • PSG despises Leonardo. At the time, Icardi’s signing was not favorably accepted by the coach.

Even though the worth of Pjanic and Arthur differed by only €12 million ($13.54 million), the agreement with Barcelona netted Juventus €41.8 million ($47.26 million) in capital gains. At this time, no punishments have been issued, but it will be interesting to see how this inquiry progresses in the following weeks.

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