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Tyson Fury gives positive update regarding the Anthony Joshua fight

Tyson Fury has finally given a positive update regarding the Anthony Joshua fight, indicating that everybody is now on the same page to finalise the fight in the coming days.

The rival heavyweight champions have signed contracts to meet this year, but still have to agree a site deal in order to make the official announcement with a date and venue.

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Fury has one belt while AJ has three – the winner will leave with all four

This week Fury has been posting cryptic tweets which appeared to be hinting at the imminent deadline to finalise the site deal.

Many interpreted this as him casting doubt on the fight and Eddie Hearn even made a plea to him for more support yesterday.

However, Fury’s latest message is now far more positive.

Tyson said in a social media video: “Just got some big news, three or four big offers on the table.

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Joshua is the WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight champion of the world

“Interest from Saudi Arabia, my gypsy brothers in Qatar, Uzbekistan, Russia, America, England.

“Some big, big offers on the table.

“I’m gonna go through them on Sunday and hopefully we get this big fight on and let me smash this big dosser, big useless dosser.

“Because when I get him, I’m gonna give him that [raises fist], you big dosser.”


It sounds like both camps are now on the same page

This correlates with what Hearn said earlier on Friday.

He told SunSport: “Both teams will have the options presented to them this weekend, so there will be discussions early next week.

“We’ll say, ‘We like that one’ or, ‘We’d like a bit more money’. All these different things are yet to be discussed.

“We’ll work together and say well this is the option, let’s go.

“We’re very close and we’re around the numbers which I think gets this done. I think once it’s presented, I think we’ll be fine.”

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