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UEFA President responds to FIFA’s planning of the World Cup every two years

Recently it came to news that FIFA are exploring the idea of hosting the Men’s and Women’s World Cup every two years.

However, if the FIFA World Cup happens every two years, the European Championships and the Copa America would be in doubt as they are held every four years in the even years between World Cups.

In an interview with Record, UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin responded to the idea of hosting the World Cup every two years.

Ceferin said, via Marca: “It’s impossible, it’s an irrational idea. The next World Cup, after 2022, is in 2026.”

“In 2028 we’ll have the European Championship, so if there’s a World Cup in 2028 the European teams won’t play in it. If the South American sides have the Copa America, they won’t play in it either.”

“Will it still be a World Cup, then? It’s an incredibly irrational idea, I don’t know why we need this. With this calendar it’s impossible. Imagine what it would be like for players to have a month-long tournament every year.”

“They’re getting more and more injuries nowadays, because they’re always playing and have such a full calendar. It’s a political idea, but in reality [it] won’t have any support.”

Ceferin also commented about his initial reaction to the initial European Super League announcement. He said: “We calmed down after a while, but it was a shock for all of us. I was the man who had to speak.”

“We all felt the same way, all the club and leagues, about what had happened. When nine clubs admit they’d made a mistake, I started to treat them the same way as all the other clubs in the European football family.”

Ceferin admitted that he hasn’t spoken to Andrea Agnelli, Florentino Perez or Joan Laporta since the incident. He said: “I received a WhatsApp message from one of them, but I didn’t reply.”

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